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I've trusted my life to Personal Response for many years. They're the best in the business which gives me peace of mind and comfort."
Seamansex-NBC anchor

My father didn't want a personal medical alert. Absolutely refused. But I got him one anyway, and I guess he started to wear it when nobody was around. Just two weeks later, he had a heart attack and pushed the button. Paramedics were there in minutes. Thank goodness we didn't listen to him!"

Mother fell in the shower and broke her hip. She could not get up. She pressed the Personal Response button she wears around her neck – it's waterproof – and told the emergency operator what happened. The operator sent an ambulance, and also called a neighbor with a key to come and open the door. Without Personal Response, she would have been in that tub, with the water pouring down on her, for hours before anyone knew."

One of the great things about Personal Response is that it keeps the family informed. The Personal Response operator stays on the line until the ambulance has left for the hospital, and then she calls the family to let us know there has been an accident, and to what hospital the ambulance is headed. Without Personal Response, if Mom had just called 911, it would have been hours before the hospital called us and we even knew there was a problem."

Mom has a friend down the hallway, a man about her age. They both have Personal Response buttons, and have traded information so they can help each other in emergencies. One of them pushes the button, and the emergency operator asks the other to go over and help out. I think Mom pushes the button sometimes just because she wants the man to come over. The operator thinks it's cute."

We got Personal Response for my mother because we feared the big emergency, but it actually has come in very handy for the little things. Like last week, Mom dropped a glass and it shattered. She was very upset, did not know what to do, and she pushed the emergency button. She told the operator what happened, and the operator called me, and I was able to rush over and clean up and calm her down."

It's hard having an elderly parent. You worry all the time. For $24.95/month, Personal Response gives us a peace of mind. We know that help will be sent quickly, and that the family will be notified if there is any problem. What a bargain. Thank goodness Dad has not needed it yet, but every month that goes by without a call is money well-spent."

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