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Landline Medical Alert System

Landline Medical Alert System
Our most popular unit, this medical alert system uses a standard phone line within your home and provides a water-resistant pendant.

from $23.95 / Month

Just push the help button on the unit or on your pendant and you are in immediate communication with one of our efficient, courteous, and highly trained operators who already know who they should contact on your behalf.

Detailed Product Information:

  • Daily timer test
  • Waterproof pendant can be worn like a watch or as a pendant
  • 30-hour rechargeable battery keeps you connected during power outages
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Monitoring is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Unconditional guarantee
  • Installs in minutes!

Equipment Overview

This Personal Response medical alert system is state-of-the-art, yet easy to install. The console has a large built-in HELP button and for the visually impaired, each console button's function is identified in Braille characters.

Audio Communications

This Personal Response medical alert system can perform 2-way voice activated (duplex), and 2-way manual communications. Communication with our central station monitoring personnel starts after an alarm.

Power Supply and Battery Backup

Powered by a low voltage plug-in transformer, the console has provisions for a rechargeable backup battery up to 30 hours for operation during AC power outages. A power switch allows for out-of-service storage of the Console without discharge of the battery. The battery is recharged by the Console, even if the POWER switch is off (as long as the transformer is plugged in). If the backup battery becomes low, the POWER light will flash and the condition can be reported to the central station.

Wireless Pendant:

The wireless pendant is durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Since it's water-resistant, you can keep it on in the shower (where far too many home accidents occur). You can even wear it at night. (It has a breakaway cord if it gets entangled.) Its wearer can trigger an emergency alarm from any room in the home. Or you can press the large Help button on the face of the console.

Our Daily Commitment to You:

This medical alert system is programmed to run a self diagnostic and then check in with our monitoring center each day. This brief test is done over the phone line and at our expense. If for any reason your Personal Response system does not check in with an "all clear," we will contact you and resolve any issue holding up your daily "all clear" check in.

Coverage Area

Our Medical Alert Systems are available in the following states across America: