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MyPersonalResponse.com is the web presence for Personal Response Corporation. Personal Response got its start as a service provided by Prime Care Health Agency, Inc., founded in 1985. In 1990, Personal Response Corporation began offering Emergency Alert Response Systems to their home care customers after seeing firsthand the value of this life saving equipment. After working in the medical alert industry for over 10 years, we decided that the only way to provide the best equipment, monitoring and customer service was to form a separate company dedicated solely to providing medical alert systems. Today, the mission at Personal Response Corporation is focused exclusively on delivering affordable and technologically advanced medical alert systems available throughout United States.

Over the years, Personal Response has emerged as a leader in its field, providing personal medical alerts throughout the United States with daily check in, a feature not often provided by comparative programs without additional cost. Personal Response Corporation offers multiple Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) machines to fit the different needs and lifestyles of our customers. Personal Response offers first-class customer service and support via its state-of-the-art monitoring center.

Today, Personal Response Corporation is recognized as America's trusted and technologically advanced medical alerts provider.

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Our Medical Alert Systems are available in the following states across America: